IC Substrate China

IC Substrate China

Part No. : E0476060119A
Substrate thickness : 0.30+/-0.05mm
Layer count :  4 layer
Core Material : SI643HU
Solder Mask : PSR-4000ME
Minimum trace :  60 um
Minimum space(gap):  25 um
Minimum hole: 0.15 mm
Surface finished: Soft gold
Unit size: 8.45*8.45mm

IC Substrate made in China . 

SI643HU Datasheet: 

Explanation: C=Humidity conditioning, D=Immersion conditioning in distilled water, E=Temperature conditioning

The first digit following the  letter indicates the duration of preconditioning in hours, the second  digit the preconditioning temperature in ℃ and the third digit the relative humidity.

Items Condition Unit SI643HU SI643U
Tg DMA 245 230
Td 5% wt. loss 409 400
CTE (Z-axis) x/y-axis(α1) ppm/℃ ~10 12-13
(40-260℃), z-axis(α1/α2)1) ppm/℃ 25/143 27/150
Dielectric Constant (1GHz) - - 4.5 4.4
Dissipation Factor (1GHz) - - 0.007 0.007
Solder Dipping 288 ℃ min >30 >30
Peel Strength 1) 1/3 Oz, VLP Copper Foil N/mm 0.73 0.8
Young’s modulus 50℃ GPa 25 22
200℃ GPa 22 15
Flexural modulus1) 50℃ GPa 28 26
200℃ GPa 18 16
Water Absorption1) A % 0.17 0.2
85℃/85%Rh, 168Hr % 0.54 0.63
Flammability UL-94 Rating V-0 V-0
Thermal Conductivity - W/(m·K) 0.61 0.58

CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)

Texas Instruments (TI) invented the integrated circuit (IC) in 1958, With the development of silicon planar technology, bipolar type and MOS are two important integrated circuits were invented, marking a quantitive and qualitative leap in the era of tube and transistor manufacturing.

MOS transistor is shortname for Metal Oxide Semiconductor structure transistor, categarized as Type P  and Type N. An integrated circuit composed of MOS tubes is called a MOS integrated circuit. The complementary MOS integrated circuit composed of PMOS transistor and NMOS transistor is called CMOS IC  (Complementary MOS Integated Circuit). 

Digital circuits can be divided into bipolar integrated circuits (mainly TTL) and unipolar integrated circuits (CMOS, NMOS, PMOS, etc.) according to the conductivity type.  Single gate static power consumption of the channel is on the order of nanowatt for CMOS circuit. 

Circuit Principle

COMOS is a raw material that is widely used in IC chips manufacturing. Using CMOS technology, pairs of metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFET) can be integrated on a silicon wafer. Typically used in RAM and switching applications. In the computer field, it usually refers to saving basic computer startup information.
(such as date, time, boot settings, etc.) ROM chips. 

CMOS is composed of PMOS tube and NMOS tube, which is characterized by low power consumption. Because of the gate circuit composed of a pair of MOS in CMOS, either PMOS is turned on, or NMOS is turned on, or both are turned off. Much more efficient than linear triodes, so power consumption is much lower.