IC Substrates for LGA

IC Substrates for LGA

Part No. : E0236060119B
Substrate thickness : 0.24+/-0.03mm
Layer count :  2 layer
Core Material : HL832NXA
Solder Mask : AUS308
Minimum trace :  120 um
Minimum space(gap):  25 um
Minimum hole: 0.075 mm
Surface finished: ENEPIG
Unit size: 18*18mm

Tening technology for IC substrates,  ENEPIG surface finished for bondable packing. 

HL832NXA data sheet :

Non-haloganated BT Materials

These are halogen free materials for PWB use. The halogen free materials achieve a flammability rating of UL94V-0 without using halogens, antimony, or phosphorus compound. The substitution of an inorganic filler as the flame retardant, has the additional benefits of improving the small hole CO2 laser drilling properties, and lowering the CTE.

Copper Clad Laminates Prepregs CCL Thickness Prepreg Thickness
type A Series
type A Series
0.03, 0.04, 0.05, 0.06, 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.45, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8 0.02 ~ 0.1


CCL-HL832NX Type A / GHPL-830NX Type A is a halogen free BT material for IC plastic packages.
These are suitable for lead-free reflow process, because of good heat resistance, high stiffness, and low CTE.

Typical applications

These have been used for various applications as the de facto standard of halogen free materials for IC plastic packages.
CSP, BGA, Flip Chip Package, SiP, Module, etc.


IC Substrates for LGA

Metal contact packaging replaces the previous needle-like pin technology

The full name of LGA is Land Grid Array, which literally means grid array packaging. It corresponds to the packaging technology Socket 478 before Intel processors, and is also called Socket T. It is a "leapfrog technological revolution", mainly because it uses metal contact packaging to replace the previous pin pin. The LGA775, as the name suggests, has 775 contacts.

Because the pin is changed into a contact, the processor with the LGA775 interface is also different from other products in the installation method. It cannot be fixed by the pin, but needs a mounting buckle to fix it, so that the CPU can correctly press on the elastic whisker exposed by the socket. Its principle is the same as BGA packaging, except that BGA is soldered, while LGA can release the buckle at any time to replace the chip.