Ceramic Substrates

Ceramic Substrates

Part No.: E0298060329A
Layer count: 2 layer 
Material: Ceramics + 8 OZ Copper
Minimum trace:  >100 mil
Minimum space(gap): 100 mil
Minimum hole: N/A
Surface finished: immersion gold Au >3U"
Unit size 13.5*15.5mm

Ceramic Substrates Advantages:

* High thermal conductivity, 20-200 W/M*K ,  20 to 200 times higher than standard matal core PCB.  Withstand voltage 17000V/MM, 17 time higher than other standard PCBs.  

* Peelable strength >=20N/CM2, the harshness 0.20 to 0.70um for ceramics surface. 

* Compressive strength >=450MPa, bigger than any other PCB raw material, and good performance in severe environment ( high temperature, high humidity and high corrosive)

Automotive Industry